Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Of My Holiday Abroad

As much as I love to travel, and I seriously love to travel, it always feels great to be back home! I had a blast all around Europe and I got to see the places I love around Europe.. We went to Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and Switzerland .. Though my favorite of all those places was and always will be Paris <3 To me, Paris has a charm like no other city, even any city in Italy .. It had to be my favorite part of the whole trip ..

But seriously, the Arabs on the Champs this year were a joke! I have no idea who tells these girls strutting down the Champs in painful 5-inch heels, dressed up as if they were going to some kind of club in Ibiza, that they look good! I mean seriously, the guys there just make fun of you! And when they chat you up, they think you're jokes and easy to get .. I saw a couple of Arab girls and I swear they looked like hookers >.< God knows what the Europeans think when they see these as examples of Arabs ..

Germany wasn't that much fun .. I had much more fun in Italy, and Switzerland :DThe only decent places for shopping in Munich is the Marienplatz and the Maximilian .. Did manage to burn enough plastic to stop my card from working by the end of the trip xD Now with all this shopping I brought back with me, I don't have place to put it! So my room is now a pigsty :P

I took shots and I'll share them with you :D

I love the Haagen-Dazs in Germany .. But the one in Paris makes crepes which are amaaaazing!

Sitting at the edge of on of Germany's many lakes, reading ..

LOL! Look at what he's picking up trash with xD

Zell Am See .. Austria's answer to Geneva :P

Creepy stairs .. They take you around and under a waterfall .. And they take them down every winter! And put them back before summer ..

Ice-cream in Europe .. Amazing everywhere! <3

Best risotto ever! In Verona

Best salad! Also in Verona :D

The Duomo <3

Beautiful Venetian masks

Crepes in Paris, my favorite city in the world <3

McDonald's in Austria have CURLY FRIES!

By Zurich's lake .. My converse are awesome ^^

Interlaken, the view is breath-taking!

Best Turkish food outside of Turkey

Breakfasting at Starbucks

Munich Airport .. Finally on the way back home! <3