Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's always nice when you see your hard work being brought to life. See what you put down on paper become a reality. Watch people admire your work. Know that it was time and effort well-spent. It's what motivates you to go at it again and watch your had work transform into something tangible.

And that's what happened today! Standing in front of you dear bloggers, is the new Co-editor of my university's magazine, Escapade! And, to tell you the truth, I never thought it would be something I'd ever be doing. But hey, there's always a first time for everything. My lovely Editor-In-Chief is Dee has formed the perfect team for this new takeover :* Ironically, the permanent team of Escapade are all made up of Dee's and my close friends :D

Escapade is finally FINALLY on the stands in university! My first issue as Co-editor, and Dee's first as Editor-In-Chief. And we're proud as hell of the hard work we put in this issue. Most importantly, we couldn't have done it without the amazing team we have!

Our topics range from a profile feature of 3 graduates, to the 10 booths to watch at our in-campus carnival, to a blast from the past, and our own column from the blogspehere's very own Hunoof. You're a great addiction to our Escapade family, even though I haven't met you yet.

For all you ZUers of the Dubai campus, you better pick up your copy! Trust me, it's worth it!