Sunday, November 8, 2009

Procrastination 101

I have a Principles of Advertising midterm tomorrow .. I should be a good student and study the 5 chapters I have .. Nope

Welcome to my version of Procrastination 101

-I took a nap

-I made me chai 7leeb

-I was sitting with my parents and chatting to them

-I decide to go upstairs and study except that my friend's talking to me on BBM and I couldn't resist

-I complained to my cousin and he told me to watch the AC Milan-Lazio match .. I love my family :P

-I'm now watching the Man Utd-Chelsea match

-I'm reading tweets

And blogs

-I'm chatting to one of my best friends on statuses on Facebook, even though we both should study

-I have 11 minutes of battery on my Mac and I can't be bothered to go and get my charger

-I will start downloading tv shows now

-After the match I'll go have dinner

-They're 5 long chapters

-I'm reading posts on a site called MLIA .. Hilarious stuff xD

-I also have a tab open which is on research about punk culture in Islam .. Yes, it does exist, mostly in the States and with the younger generation

-The movement is called Taqwacore .. Made up of the words Taqwa and Hardcore

-I just went to annoy my younger sister who's working on a research paper

-Most obvious one, I'm writing this blog post