Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Eating

I Still Eat Frosties .. And Im Proud Of It!

and im nearly done with this next part .. itll be up soon enshalla ..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Favorites Tag

Tagged by Pourqui and Desertpalms ..

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite getaway place: The beach
Favourite perfume (guys): Paco Rabanne Black XS and Chanel Allure Sport
Favourite perfume (girls): Delices De Cartier
Favourite pj brand: Victorias Secret
Favourite clothes brand in general: I mix and match pieces from all over the place so i dont have a particular brand ..
Favourite person in the entire world: Mama and Daddy (yes i call my dad daddy!!)
Favourite country: Italy
Favourite car: Ferrari <3 has been my dream car since i was 2 =P
Favourite sport: Football!
Favourite sport player: Lionel Messi
Favourite spot in Kuwait: My mothers aunts house =D
Favourite animal: Tiger
Favourite movie: The Godfather
Favourite singer: My music taste is too varied to have a favorite!
Favourite day in the week: Saturday
Favourite time of the day: Night-time (im noctournal =P)
Favourite holiday season: Summer .. mainly cuz its my birthday season =D
Favourite number: 10
Favourite food: Italian, local food, sushi ..
Favourite chocolate: Okay this is hard .. I LOVE CHOCOLATE .. swiss chocolate
Favourite cartoon: Captain Majid .. actually my childhood cartoons .. nothing like them!
Favourite blogger: My blogroll eb kbra =D
Favourite superhero: Superman!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And The Curtain Falls

The curtain has fallen on the Fall 2008 semester .. courses have bowed out and made way for a well-deserved break for us mentally exploited students .. now is the time to catch up on those lost hours of sleep, those hours wasted doing useless projects, the hours spend in the university library frantically studying, the days spent being mentally exploited ..

We now wipe our slates clean .. reboot the system .. refresh our memories .. now is the time to put our brains on sleep mode because in 2 weeks we rejoin the university life full of work, studying, and projects ..

To a well-deserved vacation!

*P.S. u guys will be getting a really long post soon now that im done with all this stress .. :**


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why am i not surprised that we lost 3-0 to Saudi?? 5ala9 i believe last 5leeji was all luck =P such a stupid way to lose the title -.- 3nad y6l3oona min the competition ya3ni??

Dont worry .. im not pissed.. there is no point in getting mad, whats done is done w mayswa 3ly a7rg a39aby 3l fa'6y .. i prefer international football anyways .. and by international i mean not 5leeji =D

Anyways .. back to the books again .. 2 days and ill be FREE .. and 2 more days and ull be getting a nice long updated part of the story :**


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The End Is Near

Yes as sinister as that title sounds, im actaully quite glad that the end of this semester is here .. a couple more days of exams and well be rewarded with 26 university-free days .. what more can u ask for after a *mostly* boring semester?

I know u guys r waiting for the next part but i do have to study for my exams .. as much as i would love to spend my day writing and posting ad blogging, that is just not possible during exam season .. i promise u a long post after my exmas r done =D

everything right now seems like a very nice and important distraction to me .. my phone, my laptop where my notes r, even a conversation my sisters r having outside my room .. im not a big fan of studying so i really really hope these days pass in the blink of an eye ..


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Honesty Tag!

Tagged by Change

Let's start with the rules:
The honorees are to:

a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

1- Im a football freak, but im also a girly girl ..
2- My dream destinations are Milan, NewYork, and Tokyo
3- Ive been wanting to drive a car since i was 2 and found out about cars =P
4- Short guys turn me off .. why? its cuz am short as well .. i want my husband to be really TALL! en3adl el nasl shway ;P
5- Im a tv show addict .. My hard drive will burst from all the tv shows that r on it ..
6- I love distractions, and i look for them every single time im supposed to be doing something important ..
7- Im a shoes addict .. my favorite things to wear r shoes! <3
8- The one thing i cannot stand in people is cheating .. mool ma at7ml!
9- Im craving cupcakes right now ..
10- My favorite part of me is my eyes..

b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

Well whoever wants to get this award, feel free to take it yourselves =D


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enterting The Blogging World

You see, ive been following blogs for quite a while now .. you can label me a blog addict cuz that would be true .. i toyed around with the idea of actually starting a blog but i never took it seriously ..

But many of you have inspired me to start writing and put the ideas floating around in my head to paper .. make them a reality without limits ..

The thing is, nobody can restrict your dreams or your ideas .. and this blog hopefully will my way of escaping a mundane reality and entering one that is vivid, dynamic, and whimsical ..

I will leave you guys for now .. ill be off to your blogs to lose myself =P

Until next time