Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why am i not surprised that we lost 3-0 to Saudi?? 5ala9 i believe last 5leeji was all luck =P such a stupid way to lose the title -.- 3nad y6l3oona min the competition ya3ni??

Dont worry .. im not pissed.. there is no point in getting mad, whats done is done w mayswa 3ly a7rg a39aby 3l fa'6y .. i prefer international football anyways .. and by international i mean not 5leeji =D

Anyways .. back to the books again .. 2 days and ill be FREE .. and 2 more days and ull be getting a nice long updated part of the story :**



Anonymous said...

whats going on here?? you have a story ? :O

yeah too bad you lost :(
i was hoping ya e7na ya entaw takhthoon el kas :P

too bad ur out ;P

Limited said...

Anony: yeah i have something ive been working on .. its in the previous posts .. its called Dreams Come True?

hai walla .. my cousin thinks a conspiracy is going on to kick us out xP

5alaa9 im for kwait now in the 5leeji 19 :**

Cooookies said...

Hardluck ! allah yaster men muntakhabna 3asa momjahizlena mufajaa tithba7naa ;/

eshda3wa said...

ana minzman i gave up watching

Silhouette Crime said...

Limited HUh? what game , im so not UAE-fied =P

2 days and we are free more uni for 2 weeks :D

libero anima said...

omg we lost !!!!
omg we're out !!!

damn ! ..

i wasn't actually watching any of the games cuz of my examz =p ..

yalla ma3alaih 5airha fe '3airha !

Limited said...

Cooookies: be positive .. bs dont put too much hope =P

Esda3wa: ana 7ta .. stowait matab3 wayed .. bs cuz my cousin asked me to check the score so i kept it on ..

Silhouette Crime: ay game? the one we lost 3-0 to saudi .. tht game =P walla ra7a nafseya well be free in 2 more days!

Libero Anima: yeah we lost! w ba3d in a stupid way -.- i wasnt watching any of the matches ila this one .. yaraitny machifta =P

Fastidious Babe said...

lol i was at the clinic when i heard the score.. kinda bummed me but yeah well..

Karamilah said...

mabrook 3aaina il5asarah,
e7m one of my friends referred to them as pieces of shit following the ball. yeah well '6aye3ow wayed fora9, ne ways,

good luck ur the last two finals u have,

3anooda said...

so now who ar eu supporting?? oman wila saudi??

Sh7afana said...

3adi.. we lost to saudi too ;p 1-0!

Limited said...

im supporting saudi cuz of what the omanis have been doing to the emiratais over there!