Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enterting The Blogging World

You see, ive been following blogs for quite a while now .. you can label me a blog addict cuz that would be true .. i toyed around with the idea of actually starting a blog but i never took it seriously ..

But many of you have inspired me to start writing and put the ideas floating around in my head to paper .. make them a reality without limits ..

The thing is, nobody can restrict your dreams or your ideas .. and this blog hopefully will my way of escaping a mundane reality and entering one that is vivid, dynamic, and whimsical ..

I will leave you guys for now .. ill be off to your blogs to lose myself =P

Until next time


Livingmylife said...


ta7eyaa 7arraaa jedaan!

im so glad u have ur own blog now! i can finally return ur favor of reading my blog daily! heheh

yala next post realy soon .. cuz ana 3endi hatha mayen7isib! this is just an introduction! i want another post plzzzzzz!


zuz said...

lool, welcome to the blogsphere:D!!

Limited said...

LivingMyLife: walla nobody could have asked for a better first comment to open up the blog!

ur blog is an addiction of mine so ill happily read it everyday =D this is only an intro .. but ive been working on something that i will post up soon enshalla :*

zuz: thank u very much .. trust me im glad to be here =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

welcome to the blogosphere babe ;**

Limited said...

DanDooon: thanx alot =D