Saturday, January 24, 2009

Favorites Tag

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Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite getaway place: The beach
Favourite perfume (guys): Paco Rabanne Black XS and Chanel Allure Sport
Favourite perfume (girls): Delices De Cartier
Favourite pj brand: Victorias Secret
Favourite clothes brand in general: I mix and match pieces from all over the place so i dont have a particular brand ..
Favourite person in the entire world: Mama and Daddy (yes i call my dad daddy!!)
Favourite country: Italy
Favourite car: Ferrari <3 has been my dream car since i was 2 =P
Favourite sport: Football!
Favourite sport player: Lionel Messi
Favourite spot in Kuwait: My mothers aunts house =D
Favourite animal: Tiger
Favourite movie: The Godfather
Favourite singer: My music taste is too varied to have a favorite!
Favourite day in the week: Saturday
Favourite time of the day: Night-time (im noctournal =P)
Favourite holiday season: Summer .. mainly cuz its my birthday season =D
Favourite number: 10
Favourite food: Italian, local food, sushi ..
Favourite chocolate: Okay this is hard .. I LOVE CHOCOLATE .. swiss chocolate
Favourite cartoon: Captain Majid .. actually my childhood cartoons .. nothing like them!
Favourite blogger: My blogroll eb kbra =D
Favourite superhero: Superman!



not yet any coment from ur bloger.ok first comment from istanbul.some1 good favorite but sm1 ehhhhhh.espacialy swiss chocolate.cs nt yet see my muslim chocolate:))))))

Limited said...

Pasturkey: ur my first blogger from istanbul .. w i must tell u that i love ur city! i was just there last month =D and yes i love swiss chocolate =D i hope u liked it ..

Karamilah said...


His Sweetheart said...

looooooooool@ Captain Majid, you forgot Joory, Lady, Saly and Hidi but I must admit, he was handsome lol

2 days ago, I was buying CD games for my brother when I came across this boy who was asking for Captian Majid CD games. I was like "Sweetie, Cpatian Majid died long time ago" hehehehe

He was freaked out lol


no i dont like cos when u vşsit tu my blog please after we talk..ok...waw last month had been my wonderful istanbulllllllllll.fantastic istanbulll.who die not see istanbul..sooooo shame wallah.cos dont say was lived.....:)))))))u understand what i bloger friend

Charmbracelet said...

aaaw..tigers ARE adorable !=p

moi said...

tigers? sexyy:P, chanel allure sport *swallows hard*:$:$

Even Sweeter said...

Allaa i miss italy!!...hehe kint a7eb captin majeed wayed!! and ra3ad 7ares ilmarma;p...Alla ikhalelech ur arents inshalla ;**

libero anima said...

kewl favz XD

Errant said...

so nice :)

S E 7 E N said...

Favourite movie: The Godfather


PearlsAndBows said...

The Godfather! ;)

n i call my dad Daddy too, especially itha abee shai haha :P

Anonymous said...

you made a mistake...Favourite person : Saffy!!!!!