Friday, February 6, 2009

Awards and Other Things ..

Awel shay .. Sadia awarded me the Butterfly Award (award for the coolest blog) .. and its so pretty looking sitting in my blog like this =D thanx sadia .. my first ever awad =D and i know i have to tag people for this bs seeing as most of u already have this award, anyone who comments here can have the award bcuz i know all ur blogs r cool!

This award was also given to me by Sadia .. i got 2 for 1 special =P this Lemonade Award is for the blog with great attitude .. again thanx sadia!! and again, this award goes to any of u who comment here .. i know u guys have a great attitude around each and every one of u .. i havent seen a mean or disrespectful blogger yet .. i love all my blog friends! :**

This week is the last week of my holidays =( im looking forward to uni, catching up with all my friends, hanging out, having fun in general .. im looking forward to my semester cuz this year i actually start my major!! finally .. after 3 semesters of pointless courses, i get to do something new and actually interesting! i look forward to that, but not to the amount of work theyll be giving us ..

I start my driving lessons tomorrow, bright and early =P last day of my hoilday and ill have to be at the center at 8.15 .. this should be fun xP ive been waiting for this for a LONG time! and FINALLY FINALLY ill start .. yeah yeah i know u guys r gonna say driving is tiring w the bachak on the roads r too much w traffic w ma3rf shoo .. i STILL want to drive, and at least have the ability to drive .. its a useful skill =P

So i went to Mall of the Emirates today in the morning with my cousin and sister for breakfast and a bit of shopping .. the mall seems to have been sucked dry of emiratis .. but instead i see kwaitis EVERYWHERE! and a lot of them keep staring at us cuz of the 3bas we were wearing .. no offence, but i mean u guys dont have to stare at me everytime i make a move or walk around .. and do the guys back in kwait usually stare this much?? i mean they kept staring and staring even though they were with whom i assume were their sisters or cousins or something .. its just creepy! a little OTT ..

Though me and my sister managed 4 pairs of shoes between us .. we share the same shoe size .. and i made cheese fondue which i was craving .. so all in all, im a happy blogger =D


libero anima said...

awh duude mabroook 3al awardZ =D

Silhouette Crime said...


Limited said...

Libero Anima: allah ybarik feech! =D this also means i pass u these 2 awards ..

Silhouette Crime: yeah LAISAN BABY!!!! w afa 3laaich a7aw6tch youm a6al3a enshalla! w u get these 2 awards as well!!! :**

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

more butterflies!!

yaaaaay =D

tigerlilly said...

LOL yes Kuwaiti guys DO stare a LOT a LOT!! i don't know what's up with it! We like to think of it as a self-esteem booster ;)

nyxxie said...

awwhh how cute

libero anima said...

awh thanx sweety =D

desertpalms said...


u shud see it when they come over here...=/ its like they cant belieeevee theres an arab girl in london!!

last week i even got followed byyy 3 arab men who were the age of my DAD!!! =/ i duno what country they were from bas ashkaalhom mojrimeeen wallah! i got very creeped outtt!

but thats weird theyr were staring at how u were ITS UR TOWN!! haha i think its jus cuz u and ur cousin and sis were lookin hoooooooooottt tsssss ;)

hopee ur lesson goes well !! =D la driving is not tiringg ow boring, its funnn , and plus..u HAVE to learn how to drive ..its just something you need to know saa7? =D

moi said...

mabroook for the award:D

Maitha* said...

LAISAAN! :D yaaay! youre gonna have so much fun ;)

Anonymous said...

hey there :)
first time commenter here ^_^
about the kuwaiti guyz....i believe that's what one would call "gazz".... as in stare....and i think they consider it totally normal.

Limited said...

Dandooon: yeah more butterflies .. u have a whole butterfly collection .. w u have a lemonade stand added to it =D

Tigerlily: it creeped me out shway .. i mean like guys here stare, but the kwaiti guys were staring alot more than what i was used to .. lol self-esteem booster .. i actually think i looked a bit weird to them with my 3ba or something ..

Nyxxie: lol thanx!

Libero Anima: ur welcome! :**

Desertpalms: yeah they stare ALOT ALOT! eww those men should know better >.< thats disgusting .. lol yeah theyre staring at us in our own city =P but the thing is the mall was full of kwaitis on hoilday .. and it was in the morning so not a lot of locals there .. maybe we were or maybe they just thought we were strange, not what theyre used to ;P and about the driving .. IM LOVING IT! i feel like i have power, im in control! its amaaaaazing!! :**

Moi: mabrook to u too .. u got both of them as well :**

Maitha*: lol yeah LAISAN! one of the most important times in a girls life =P im already having fun with it and i still havent gotten it yet =P

Limited said...

Anon: first time .. well then welcome to my blog! i hope ur enjoying it =D see even though the guys here stare, they dont stare as much as the kwaitis were .. my dad would consider it murder-worthy material, not normal xD

S E 7 E N said...

I start my driving lessons tomorrow ? hehehehehe ... thats cute .... never had 1 before i started driving legally ... good luck or cause this post was yesterday hope you had fun

Anonymous said...


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