Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar: Cinematographic Masterpiece

I went to see it yesterday, and I wonder why I never went to see it earlier!!

Because I was stuck at home all weekend, I decided to go and sleep over at my cousin's house for a change of scenery and because I missed her .. So I packed my things; I packed junk .. After all, what's a sleepover without junk? I present myself at my uncle's house and make myself comfortable in her room .. And so we began a relaxing Thursday night, filled with chatter, tv shows, and food! Then fall asleep at 4 in the morning out of sheer exhaustion ..

We stay dead to the world til my uncle comes in in the morning to bug us to wake up .. Because my uncle is annoying like that lol! Up we are at 12.30 *which is early for me as I'm on holiday* and go feed ourselves and laze around .. Til my aunt had the best idea, why not go to Avatar today??

So my cousin and I head off to Mall of the Emirates and book our tickets at 4, because even though Avatar has been here for a month, it's always being booked full! So 4 hours to kill before the movie, we decide to hang out at the mall and generally finish any business we might have .. One of them being Pinkberry <3>

Okay, back to the movie; nothing really interesting happened in the 4 hours we were at the mall .. Mama and my sister come to join us and, after dinner, we head to the movie theatre, take our seats, put on our 3D glasses, and of course, start taking goofy pics *the movie hadn't started, and trailers weren't up yet*

Anyways, I loved the movie, seriously!

The world of Avatar is seriously one that would be beyond imagination .. I mean, everything was thought of, from the blue Na'vi to the tiniest detail on the leaves of a tree .. Everything was there, and everything looks cooler in 3D .. It's obviously a sci-fi movie .. The story is about the human hero, Jake Sully, who is taken to Pandora and is put into the body of an avatar, a body made by human scientists made up of the native Na'vi DNA and human DNA, so he can establish relations with the Na'vi .. Because, of course, there's a company mining what they call Unobtainium, which sells for $20 million a kilo, and the Na'vi are living right on top of the biggest collection of it ..

What starts out as a mission quickly changes when Jake realizes he actually wants to become part of the clan, and starts preferring to live through the avatar instead of his human body .. You know what? I won't ruin the movie for you .. It's the must see movie of the decade! Well, seeing as it premiered the 10th of December 2009, it was the movie of the decade!

The thing is, when I volunteered for DIFF, the Dubai International Film Festival, I was at the doors of the movie .. And I had the chance to see it, and I did sneak in with my sister and my friend, and we did take 3D glasses and stand and watch .. The problem was that we only watched 5 minutes of it in the middle of the movie x_x

All of you who haven't seen it, go! What are you waiting for?? This movie is gonna pass Titanic and become the all-time highest grossing movie .. And by the same director too! He's been working on the script for 15 years, and has been waiting for the technology to create it since 1999!

Oh yeah, there's gonna be a sequel :P


Charmbracelet said...

i'm gona watch it tonight inshalla !! ive heard so much about it ! i just can't not go =O

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter.