Friday, July 2, 2010

Ciao Italia!

Ciao Italia is what I'm saying to this gorgeous, but hot, country .. For now .. You think of Italy in summer and you think of heat and sun ..

That's not wrong; you totally get heat and sun! But then the nights are cooler and it's as if the temperature wasn't at 35 and 36 degrees .. The country becomes the balmy summer evenings you read about in stories .. You go out, you walk around, and it's what everyone else is doing as well, except the Italians always have gelato in their hands ..

We've come to Italy for 3 days and not more .. We've already seen it, and we just want to experience it again .. I kid you not when I say we experienced it all over again .. The romantic, ancient streets that still survive .. The old, old buildings that still stand strong .. The Arena di Verona that still housed an Opera in it last night .. It's all a sight to behold .. And I stand by saying everyone should experience Italy at least once in their lifetime ..

Besides Verona, we went to Milano, fashion capital of the country, and deservedly so .. Of course all the Italian women and tall, leggy, tanned and toned beauties and the men are all dapper in 3 piece suits despite the scorching heat ..

Oh, and of course I burned a hole in daddy's pocket over in Milan :D

We are now on our way back to Munich .. And I will miss the vibrant life that is Italia, not to mention all the food! No wonder the Italians don't eat anything else .. Their food is just to die for! If you think you've had delicious Italian food, you haven't until you eat IN Italy!

Ciao for now! xx

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Mme.Monstre said...

the pizza looks divine >,<
how was italy ?

Vainglorious said...

ah Italy! I miss it, always a pleasure :)

Nice blog, keep it up ;)

doona said...

akhaaaaaaih <3

i heart italy!