Friday, July 9, 2010

London: Day 2

Day 2 in London will be one of my most memorable days here .. Why? Well, because I was with the girls who made New York special for me .. 4, including me, of the 6-strong group were together in New York, and this day out in a country abroad took us back to that place in our minds and subconsciouses .. After a trip without the parents and with the best companions, every trip doesn't live up to the great times we had together .. This is why today was the best day of my vacation ..

Morning consisted of hailing a taxi to Oxford Street and getting busy walking up and down, and in and out of stores .. All we saw there were other Arab women doing the same thing .. It's as if you can smell the burning of plastic from the women's wallets! Except, at the end of the shopping trip, we were forced to walk back to Knightsbridge because the roads were completely blocked due to traffic, and it consisted of, at least, a half hour walk -,- with heavy shopping ..

The highlight of the day was going the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.. Seeing as the few days I'm spending in London is as if I've discovered this city for the first time, going to the V&A was something I wouldn't have thought of doing .. But Grace Kelly is a style icon, and will forever remain so .. Seeing as Van Cleef and Arpels have sponsored a Grace Kelly exhibition, it was only fitting that we go ..

It was gorgeous! Most of her famous outfits were on display there .. The dress she got her Oscar in, the dresses she had when she was pregnant, the dresses she was snapped in, the pieces of clothing that helped reinforce her elegance and grace were all there for the public to see .. Of course, what Grace Kelly exhibition is complete without her jewels and the Hermes handbag that is names after her? Yes, they were on display, and I have never wanted a bag more that when I saw it encased in the glass box, hanging so elegantly as if it will be pulled out in a matter of minutes and have the lipstick slipped in and drape over the arm, lending it the understated elegance that is the Hermes Kelly ..

After the exhibition and some wandering around in Knightsbridge, we decide to head for lunch as I could feel my stomach trying to eat itself from hunger .. Stop at Joe's Cafe and have to wait in line, which just made us hungrier than Godzilla trying to eat Tokyo .. As we got seated and ordered our lunch, Mayed Bin Mohammed walks in, and gets his food before us :P we, on the other hand, had to wait 45 mins for our main dishes to come and another 15 mins for the heavenly sticky date pudding to come .. I've heard it's good, I've heard the one in Dubai isn't as good, and I've heard it's a must-try if I ever step foot into the cafe .. It was the BEST date dessert I've had! And now if I go back to Dubai and it really is not as good, I'll really get disappointed .. Who cares about the calories?! It was worth every last one!

As we were finally back in the hotel, we decide we'll act like Arabs and hang around Harrods as it is the tradition here .. The Kuwaitis who were also hanging around there made my dad furious with their staring -,-

So we went out for dinner at one of the Lebanese places that's popular with the Arabs, and we're back in the hotel and I'm tucked into bed! So this means goodnight from London gorgeous readers! ;*

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Anonymous said...

Na3am? LOL shino the q8oies that staarred? awal shay all arabs stare la tig3iden it3amimen o awalhum u. Thani shay u were in a restaurant waiting to be seated wain tabenhum i6al3on the floor or the ceiling? Their out to see if u feel subconscious abt ppl seeing u order room service mara thanya!!

FingerPrint said...

Firstly, thanks for passing my blog, it's much appreciated .. And Oh trust me, I know that all Arabs stare .. I just can't help it if the ones who stared happened to be Kuwaitis, as I heard the accent .. I didn't say anything wrong; I'm just stating what happened and I'm sorry if it offended you .. They were actually standing outside the restaurant doing nothing but staring .. I love the Kuwaitis, I do have Kuwaiti cousins as well .. And I said it made my father furious because he's overprotective and doesn't like guys in general staring at his daughters .. I never actually said I felt self-conscious or anything ..

Melissa said...

ooh looks like you had a lush time- gotta love london!