Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Insert Ideas And Suggestions Here*

Okay, so i need you guys to start brainstorming and spilling out your ideas for me here .. about what? well, i *i meaning me and 3 other friends, a group* have a bit of a problem .. clothes-wise, or better say, uniform-wise ..

The deal here is that our university is holding a carnival this month and our group will be opening a booth there .. our idea is along the lines of a cupcake bar .. It will be called Dreams Choc-Shots .. cuz the cupcakes that will be available there will be mini-sized chocolate cupcakes, in other words, chocolate cupcake shots! we were also thinking to theme the place .. we were thinking along the lines of tiffany blue and chocolate brown ..

Our problem is, we need a uniform .. but we dont want anything ordinary, like wearing black or brown or blue or whatever from head to toe .. we already have the idea that we want aprons that get tied around and look like skirts .. u know the ones im talking about, the ones waitresses in movies usually wear ..

Now we have that idea, we still need the idea of a uniform .. so im asking all of you out there .. WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?? bear in mind that we will be in those clothes for a long time and working in them so they should denifitely be comfortable .. other than that go crazy! i want ur ideas and suggestions on what our uniform should be .. and if u guys have any other ideas for funky original color themes *ones that dont include black, pink, yellow* then feel free to share them with me ..


3anooda said...

i would recommend a chocolate brown and turqouise combination - it looks really nice.

get cupcake hats made and wear them

wear brown tshirts and brown pants with the turqouise aprons

design a logo and have it printed on the backs of the tshirts

MashMosh said...

i agree with 3anooda ..

Anonymous said...

i know a girl who makes tshirts and stuff.. if you are interested let me know, i'll send you her email.. you can customize your own shirt o chithee;p

Anonymous said...

French Maid Uniform ! not the slutty kind though

moi said...

lool i like the french maid thingy anonymous;p;p!!

libero anima said...

i liked the colors u chose ... hmm
what about bringing a shirt and covering it up with ribbons .. like filled up .. like the shirt is brown and the ribbons are blue ..

oooor u know how inmates wear in prison .. those striped clothes ? do the same but change the colors ..

or to go extra crazy =p ok this might seem funny bss its a nice idea ..
where customs of different characters like snow white and stuff=p

Limited said...

3anooda: we were thinking of the head-to-toe brown combo with blue aprons..

MashMosh: lol good =P

Anony: well ill consult with my group w let u know .. bs how can i let u know? is there a way i can contact u?

Anony #2: french maid uniform?? were gonna be in uni u know that 9a7? =P like if we ever go to uni in those uniforms well never be able to show our faces there again =P

Moi: of course u would =P though were trying to look respectable and professional here =P

Libero Anima: LOL @ the costumes .. interesting idea but wouldnt we look a bit weird? though i do like the idea of stripes, be we want to wallpaper our booth in stripes of those colors ..

Anonymous said...

hey limited.. you can contact her, this is her email:, if you are interested, send her the design or the idea o within a week or less i think, she'll be done with it:)

Luxurina said...

I like most of the ideas here, I was thinking instead of the hats, maybe wear tiaras..queens of cupcakes.