Monday, March 2, 2009


I know i've been the annoying blogger who doesnt update and leaves u all wondering what the hell happened over here?? this blog is DUSTY .. yeah i know, and i have my excuses walla! and before u all start throwing me with rotten tomatoes and shouting off with her head! let me explain!!

i havent had time to write .. i swear! i havent had time to even properly check my blogroll, maybe once in a while id comment and read but ive never actually been able to go through it properly for two weeks .. I've been busy that i've been negleting all my entertainment ..

Forgive me bloggers .. i promise i will write by the end of the week!!!


MashMosh said...

awww huni it's okay you dont need to apologize we understand everyone has these kinda situations bedsides when u blog you blog cuz u want to not because ur forced =P loool

Even Sweeter said...

i totally understand u babe;**
take ur time sweetie bs mu tma9khenha ;p

His Sweetheart said...

No one is blaming you but all are missing you!

Chinese Eyes said...

Ohh! Glad you're kinda back ;) !

In My Closet said...

cant blame u....u have my blog to follow ...hehe ;p

luv u ;**

libero anima said...

*throws rotten tomatoes at u*
lool ! =p