Saturday, May 9, 2009

Twittering Away..

I joined Twitter ..

YES I DID! It's like I don't use enough technology already .. and as if I need any other thing to help me procrastinate ..

Well, I joined .. and, surprisingly, I love it! It's a way to blog without actually blogging in a blog .. you get 140 characters to answer the big question ..

What Are You Doing?

It's addictive! I feel like I always need to answer this question, even in class lol!

So, all you bloggers that Twitter, find me >> @FingerPrint10 *don't ask about that, just find me*


daddies little cuttie said...

i never used twitter before but ill give it a try maybe

InD. said...

twitter is cool. . I once read that Google wants to buy the company.

Bahrain Fashion said...

Everyone's crazy about twitter. It's like twitter this and twitter that. And whenever I tell them that I have Facebook- they're like "OMG- you're so 2007!" thinking of joining ;)

Roon said...

Twitter was something boring at first..

but then, the addiction kicked in..

you're so right about blogging but not really bloggin..

its like i want to eat something, i twitter it then eat .. > <

*I got issues..


Followed u on blogger n twitter

im @roonsville =)

InD ~ they wanted to buy it, but the owners of twitter regeted the offer, and are considering doing a deal with apple or something ..

or so ive read ;)

Project Kenya 2011 said...

ahaha... I am addicted... big time!