Thursday, May 21, 2009


I bring it on myself I guess .. I procrastinate way too much .. like right now, I should be working on a paper which my partner in the United States tomorrow .. and which I should also be doing a multi-media part for it .. which I'm not seeing as I'm writing this blog post ..

But I do my best work last minute! I can't help it .. the night before the assignment is due my brain goes into work mode and the juices start flowing .. I get my best ideas last minute and I know that's not a good thing ..

3 weeks and I can become a couch potato! 3 long, stressful, exhausting weeks .. this last minute stuffing of work down our throats is ridiculous!

I'm ranting now .. or procrastinating .. or both ..

Random thought .. my birthday is in exactly 1 month .. =D

Okay I will leave now and start working -.- as much as I love it here, I have to go ..


Bahrain Fashion said...

Sometime, I can be such a last minute person also! It's like i'm not in the mood to do it, not in the mood, not in the mood, lazy- THEN BOOM there's only 2 hours left!

Change said...

if they were 3 weeks of holiday they won't be enough for anything.. now they feel too long.. so think of them as if they were going to be fun.. maybe it'll help..!!

good luck..

moi said...

back at college days,i was like u, one thing worked for me, a7e6 alarm;p and i study for a complete one hour, and then when the alarm rings im finished:D!

Fanatic said...

im such a last minute person too..
when i do something before hand, and that happens on rare occasions, it doesnt turn out as well as when i do it last minute..

and im always stressed about something 7imdilah wilshikir, my mom always complains:p

Kindle My Heart said...

Happy 11 month B-Day lol, first one to wish you that huh :P?

Pearla said...

Happy Birthday ,, I hope u had a great day :D
its my first time reading ur blog , and i find out tht ur birthday was 2 days ago .. hehe

el3mr kilo ya raab .. mwauh ;*