Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yes, I Know But I'm Travelling

I know I haven't been posting AT ALL but I don't seem to have anything to say at the moment .. It has been a hectic summer for me and I still didn't get to enjoy it properly in this oven we call Dubai .. Didn't get to see much of my friends unfortunately *I'm gonna miss u all! :(*

6 weeks in Europe .. I'm seriously gonna turn into a mothball or something .. matwa9oony 3la shay min hnaak??

Btw do any of you guys twitter? Cuz I would love to follow you .. I've been twittering more than blogging *obviously* but I find it much easier than actually blogging cuz I can do that within seconds from my BlackBerry ..

My dad told us our flight is gonna be on Thursday .. He checks the tickets today and finds out that no, it's actually TOMORROW .. Can you say hectic much? :/ Ma3laih, I work well under stress ..

Anyways, this is me for now .. I will try to post something, MAYBEEE *and that means a big maybe* pics .. Or at least keep up with your posts ..


moi said...

tro7een wetredeen bil salama dear and enjoooyyy it to the max;**

M said...

Belsalama inshallah.. enjoy! :**

MashMosh said...

troo7eeen o terg3een bsallama hun !!!
eshredeee 3n el 7ar gooo have fun!!

Rimyoleta said...

Hey I'm flying to France at the end of this month too :D
I tiwtter.. :D
Rimyoleta....Find me

Maitha* said...

Etseereen wetredeen bl salama :) Have fun there!


Enjoy ur vacation