Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Few More Days

This sounds horrible, but I want Rama'9an to finish so I can get back to my normal routine .. I haven't been able to do anything productive during this whole month .. And I've thrown my sleeping pattern out of the window .. I'm generally a nocturnal person, but when sleeping early means 4am, then there's a problem .. Especially when there is a little dilemma called university the next day ..

I know after a little while back into my normal routine, I'll wish for my Rama'9an routine again .. To be able to do nothing and have a reason for that .. Sometimes I just can't be pleased xD

P.S. Yes, I changed my nickname, URL, and blog name .. People kept getting confused so I used the nickname I use everywhere else ..


- F said...

Hahah, I miss my old routine too. I feel exhausted all the time and university is unbearable, especially because of the scorching sun. I'll miss the slowness, and comfort of Ramadan, bas sho ensawy! Time has to pass by!

Even Sweeter said...


you have been missed babe ;*

eshda3wa said...

well just a couple more days