Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Escapade Vol.2 Issue2

And it's here again! Escapade vol.2 Issue 2 .. Second time around was a better success, even though I loved the first one .. It's a learning process I guess .. It's a bumper issue this time, 30 pages cover to cover .. A big achievement for the 'staff' who haven't worked this crazily ever xD

A big thanks to the designers for this issue .. I know us editors put you through hell and back, but you guys came through in the end .. I think if we weren't the great friends that we are, we would have killed each other by now! Thanks for putting up with the craziness of it all!

Another thanks to my Editor-in-chief, the lovely Dee .. The crazier times with this magazine are still ahead of us, and we have loads more work lined up .. But you know we're gonna miss it when they will force us to hand it to the kids (whom I don't trust til now btw) .. We have senior year ahead of us, and we gotta make our mark just like those of Echo before us ..

So what's in this issue?
-Memoirs in NY, written by a dear friend <3,>our first male contributor in the university magazine for an all-girls university, our lovely friend Andrew from the States ..
-Leadership with limits, how ZU wants the girls to become the leaders of tomorrow while becoming hypocrites and get our parents involved in every minute detail of our university life ..
-Proximity log, yet another way that ZU give the overbearing parents a change to keep MORE tabs on the girls ..
-Trip to Thailand, where ZU girls got to visit Thailand with Habitat for Humanity and build a home for a family in need ..
-Limited Parking, otherwise known as the catastrophe that is the ZU parking ..
-Embarrassing Moments, anonymous embarrassing moments from the students ..
-Babe on a Budget, things to do in Dubai for under 100Dhs!

You gotta read the issue to find out the rest! :D