Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Is For You, FourMe

I recently discovered a fellow blogger, FourMe, is suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma .. For those for you who don't know what that is, it is a form of cancer that originates from the white blood cells .. I did my research on this kind of cancer and el7mdilla found out that it is one of the few cancers that has an extremely high survival rate, even when detected at the later stages .. And this post is dedicated to her ..

FourMe, I may not always comment on every single blog post, but I do read every single one of them .. Half the time the do express stuff that I'm feeling or can relate to .. But this isn't about whether I'm an avid reader of your blog; this is about you .. You have cancer .. It's there and you can't run away from it ..

I'm not here to try cushion it with pretty words that mean nothing .. I'm here writing this blog post to encourage you, to pray for you, to show you that there are people all around the world who are giving a damn about you! I have seen what cancer does to a person, and I've seen what happens when someone gives up .. DON'T GIVE UP! I know you're a strong woman, one of the strongest I know, and something like this isn't going to kill the spirit that you have ..

We are all here, we are all praying, and you are in my prayers everyday dear FourMe .. I pray to Allah to give you the strength to fight through this and kick the cancer's ass into oblivion .. I pray to Allah to ease the pain that you are going through, and to keep your faith strong throughout all of this .. I pray so that he gives you the ability to face each day as it comes, to keep that smile on your face through all this .. I know it's painful, and tiring, and exhausting, and every other adjective a person could think of in that context, but do NOT give up ..

I can keep going on and on but I won't .. I'll leave my words for the prayers I keep you in .. Allah yshfeech hun, and keep fighting! - A site to keep giving the woman encouragement and strength to fight this!